How can a clumsy/accident prone person hurdle?

This is a question I’m asked so often. Everyone knows I have accidents all the time, or some other crazy things happen to me. But for some reason I can hurdle, and I’m quite decent with the hurdles, especially with technique that requires a lot of balance and coordination. When I was training before this year, almost none of my injuries came from hurdling, mostly I had overuse injuries like fractures, or tore muscles when sprinting, or I was sick.

So what all has happened to me recently…

Terrorist Attack

I am so lucky nothing actually happened to me this time. I went to get a bubble tea after work at my favorite bubble tea place by La Rambla. I had parked my motorcycle on the upper part of La Rambla and drove the 1km home (about 5 minutes) after. As soon as I parked my motorcycle at home I see Instagram stories of the terrorist attack as people I know were there. The attack must have happened a minute or two after I left.

Motorcycle Crash

In September I crashed my motorcycle and had to delay the start of training a bit, but I only had minor injuries; couldn’t move my neck for three weeks and my ankle wounds are still not completely healed two months later. The “work accident” physiotherapy was great though, so not much harm done. Except for my motorcycle, it was in the shop for 10 days after new parts arrived as it had to be completely fixed.

Moving Incident

When I was better from this and just ending my sick leave, I moved houses to a different area in Barcelona. I had rented big a van and parked it outside my apartment shortly to carry down a sofa bed. While I was carrying it down, I hear someone honking and a woman runs into my apartment yelling something in Catalan and I try to tell her I will move the van in a minute as it was really difficult in the tiny one-way street. I see the woman and her husband backing away and thought they’ll just go on the next street like they could have. But no, as soon as I’m inside my apartment, I hear a loud crash. They had backed up to speed up more and crashed into my rental van. The worst part was that they had a baby, a 5-year-old, and a grandma inside the car while crashing into my van. I run outside to see what has happened and the woman starts hitting and kicking me and the van and I start calling the police. There was dozens of people nearby and they were all yelling “don’t call the police, they’re dangerous”. First call was cut off when the woman punched me in my ear, but I managed to make a second call and when the woman heard I’m talking to the emergency person, she runs back to the car and they drive off. Even after they had left, people kept telling me I should not call the police as they know who they are and said they are dangerous people. The police finally arrived after one hour (my friend thanked the police saying I could’ve easily died in that hour we waited), and told me I need to go to the Mossos (the Catalan police) office to make a police report.

I was a little shocked by what just happened and was just sitting in my apartment until 3am until my friend who is a police here said I really need to go to the hospital first and then to make a police report. I went to the hospital and the doctor made a report of the injuries I had. I told her my ear is a little red and she responded that my ear is bleeding and I have a large hematoma behind the ear. Also had some bruises. Then I head to the police station at 5am and one police just keeps chatting me to forever and asks me for a dinner date before I managed to get into the station. The police filed the report and sent it to a court. They apparently also made a child support report as the children were in the car that crashed my van and had to watch their mom hit me. At 9am I finally got out of the station and had to move all day, so needless to say I was too exhausted to train the next day.

Plate Hit My Head

So, next. Two weeks ago I came to work at 8am and open the fridge to put my food in there like every other day. As I open it, a large metal plate falls from top of the fridge and hits my head. I got a really bad headache and a bump on my head. After resting at home I go to the “work accident” doctor again and they sent me to a CAT scan. A little over exaggeration for a metal plate hit, but I guess you can never be too sure.

Christmas trip

Now my work wants to go for a skiing trip before Christmas. I have been skiing and snowboarding most of my life, but last time when I went 1.5 years ago, I end up falling so badly I broke 3 ribs from 20 spots. One rib is still sticking out a bit from my chest. After I fell I couldn’t breath for a while but then got up and my friends were sure I’m just fine and we continued snowboarding (and after skis). Only at night, when I couldn’t move anymore with so much pain, I said I’ll need to stay at the cabin for the night (and my friend responded “come on, you’re being so boring, you can go out no problem” 😀 ) and the next morning we drove hours back home and went straight to the hospital to get an x-ray.

As my training is going very well and I will start competing 7th of January already, there is no way I am going skiing anytime soon. I will also attempt to avoid any other activities with any chance of an injury! 😀Catalan Liga hurdle


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